Monday, October 19, 2009

Bleary-eyed and glad to be home

I broke a promise and sent out a few tweets while on vacation. I was trying to keep myself mentally engaged during some of the quieter moments as Montana lasted forever in the leaden, rainy sky. I love to pray on a drive when I'm alone--the entire family present presents another story. The chaos is palpable--someone always needs something. Even though Melanie likes to do most of the driving--I have to stay engaged. I navigate, and manage the needs of the mammal population of the Honda Element (Melanie, me, two daughters, and an anxious, co-dependent, chocolate lab) and plan stops. I have easier access to naps from the passenger seat, but I take a lot less now than when Melanie and I used to road trip. I'll reflect a little more as the day unfolds tomorrow.

I was glad to make the trip of 3500+ miles of driving, but I am very glad to be home.

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