Friday, October 2, 2009

Looking for donations for Bibles

Interesting development at The Buzz on Wednesday night: I was looking for Bibles for my class, and I could only find about 15 in the "Old Library." It was a real potluck of Bibles (translation, condition, readability, etc.) which made for a helpful study, but there wasn't enough for everyone (glad some folks brought them). A seminary professor once told me to be prepared to print out Bible passages on to paper, because Lutherans tend not to bring their Bibles to Bible study. I was in big trouble because my printer was on the fritz, but we survived together and actually thrived.

I don't think the class I was teaching was a Bible study course per se, but a Bible history course--so the 20 or so people who came to class Wednesday night get a pass. However, no one knew where the hidden stash of Bibles was in the church or the Ministry Center. I didn't do any deep research about Bibles at FLCC and I will be doing some asking around.

The Bible is a key source to our life of faith, and my hope and action for FLCC is that the congregation continues to offer many opportunities to grow in faith with the Word of God--not merely in study, but also in action. I would like to have Bibles available for people at FLCC to use at any time, while also giving people who come to the congregation to either take one to keep at home, or give away--all for free. The Word of God needs to flow as freely as possible, and this would be a great way to lift up the values of the congregation while also showing hospitality and generosity. I am beginning a search for a low cost, accessible, solid translation Bible that can be given away to both the members of the congregation, to the community, and even to the world. If you or someone you know would be willing to make an offering to begin a Bible ministry at First Lutheran Community Church of Port Orchard, please contact me using the various places of communication I have established, or in a good, old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.

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