Monday, October 26, 2009

More on the sermon series "How To Be Rich In A Troubled Economy."

This sermon series is challenging to schedule and set. I wanted to generally address that ministry is an investment in people. Jesus invested his life to the point of death for the sake of people--therefore investment in people is a faithful practice. Investing in a congregational budget is only important for a few leaders in any given congregation. It is important for the body of Christ (the people of the Church) to know that their investment of resources (time, talents, money--in no particular order) make a difference in people's lives.

This sermon series has been an adventure because I am joyfully depending on the gifts of others to complete my sermons. Tom Henderson and Christopher Clephane have given their resources to help produce videos that help the people of God know about how FLCC ministries and people touch lives in the name of Christ. Numerous people from FLCC came out on a Wednesday evening to share their testimonials. My wife, Melanie, is coming out to FLCC to preach on November 8th to share a different perspective on what it means to invest in God's work in the world. Many people behind the scenes print, stuff and distribute letters and organize gifts so that you can give to the God's work in the church with faith and confidence.

"How To Be Rich In A Troubled Economy" Sermon Series

October 25: "How Are Your Investments Doing?"

November 1: "Unleashing the Saints"
Proverbs 2: 1-8
Ephesians: 1: 15-22 (preaching text)
Colossians 1: 24-29

November 8: Rev. Dr. Melanie JS Wallschlaeger, Director for Evangelical Mission, Southwestern Washington Synod (ELCA)

November 15 (Pledge Sunday): "Well Done! Enter Into God's Joy!"
Proverbs 22: 1-9
Ephesians: 2: 8-10
Matthew 25: 14-30 (preaching text)

Once I hear from my dear wife, Melanie, about her sermon topic/title, I will pass that along to you. I also encourage you to read the texts and offer thoughts about what you read--it will prepare you to hear the sermon, and I may also gain some insights from you, my sisters and brothers in Christ. The most enjoyable sermon for which I prepared involved people at FLCC during a Wednesday evening Bible study. Join the conversation!

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