Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sound Transitions in a Nutshell

We've come to the end of our sermon series "Sound Transitions," looking at the Ark of the Covenant as a means to talk about the transitions in our own lives and congregational life.

Here is a summary of learning points related to a sound transition and some Old Testament texts connected to the that theme.

1. Find a place HONOR for stuff that's really important, stuff that speaks to who you are and God's calling in your life. Even God needs a place to keep stuff (Deuteronomy 10: 1-5)
2. CELEBRATE where God has taken you. DREAM about where God will take you. REMEMBER God is with you on the road ahead (1 Kings 8, Numbers 10: 29-36).
3. CLEAR OUT what you don't need, God is doing a NEW THING in you and in the world (Jeremiah 3: 15-18).
4. The POWER of God and the Holy Spirit gathers the people of God from scattered places. Today God uses time honored stuff: Word, Sacrament, and relationships--how God does it rests with the creative mind of God and God's creative people (Jeremiah 3: 15-18).

Thank you for your feedback and interest in this sermon series! I haven't preached a sermon series in years, and I enjoyed the hard work, investigation and connection with God and you. More details about sermons to come this week.

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