Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spare me the anxiety, share a good idea with me

I appreciate prophets (except when they prophesy against ME), legislators, activists and once in awhile a pundit says something worthwhile. When I look at my church mailbox, either someone is trying to sell me something or co-opt me into their anxiety of an existence. Today I received mail from the WordAlone Network and the Lutheran Public Policy Office of Washington. A few days ago I received mail from an organization of pastors and congregations called Sound The Alarm. Please, spare me your anxiety. I'm sure you mean well, and that your fears about the disintegration of society may have some valid points. I may even borrow some of your ideas, or at least research them further. But I definitely won't join you and your cohort in sharing your righteous indignation, and I will not give you any money. I may pray for you, though maybe not in a way that you like. I don't need any more anxiety in my life. I have plenty. I do not need additional anxiety.

However, if you have a great idea and are actually for creating something that offers grace, hospitality, hope or beauty for people--that through our shared efforts and actions that people see the love of God or at least find some peace in their lives, let me know. Send me an invitation. If it fits with my gifts or skill set, or stretches me in a way that fits with my own sense of mission and vocation, let me know. I could be a great asset to you. Otherwise, save your money and your time. If you're anxious and "sounding an alarm," I'm not interested.

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