Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jesus links treasure and hearts--First Lutheran Community Church-style

Several weeks ago for our Children's Message, I gave the kids who came forward a dollar bill and asked them to find a place to invest that money in something that was important to them, in a way that would help others. We were talking about Matthew 6:19-23 and Jesus' statement, "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Our hearts and our resources are strongly linked, according to Jesus' words. I asked the kids to let me know how they invested the money by writing it on a card. Here are the responses.

+ Doctors Without Borders
+ Salvation Army bell ringer
+ First Lutheran Community Church Offering
+ Books for Kids
+ A no-kill animal shelter

Doctors Without Borders received multiple donations and matching funds, the FLCC offering received multiple gifts, and the animal shelter received matching funds. I found joy in the pleasant surprise of the giving to causes I had not imagined. I am also continually amazed by what can happen if we can only let things go from our own control and empower others to serve. Other congregations have done this kind of "giveaway" on a grander scale, but the concept is similar. Empower people to serve and recognize the link between our treasure and our hearts. The Holy Spirit is at work. Thanks to all the kids who participated (and the adults who provided matching funds)!


  1. That's fun - we did something similar in our church with married couples - we each received $50 to do something with --- it's been a blessing to have the opportunity to figure out to invest in ministry in a way that is different from our regular giving.

  2. I really like that idea about for married couples. I think this idea can really be expanded--surprise people with grace and empower them with responsibility.