Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faith As A Red Herring

"We can get through this if we just have more faith."

In various situations with congregational, family and personal lives of Christians, people come to a crossroads. A decision looms. A course of action beckons. Fear lurks in the background. I am thankful when people consider faith in their thought processes. I am thankful that faith enters the equation of daily life. Pastors celebrate a living faith. I also believe God celebrates.

I say "Christians" in this case, even though all people face tough decisions in life. Yet, Christian congregations, families and individuals often say that faith will get them through a particular crossroads in life.

Faith buys some time. How can you argue with faith?

Then the situation deteriorates. Faith buys more time.

I suppose faith will remind me of God's love even though I failed to make a decision and the scenario topples like cheaply built structures in an earthquake.

Faith is a red herring when it is proclaimed, yet distracts from the issue at hand. Faith is a red herring when it is used to avoid making a tough decision.

Maybe it's better to say, "I'm scared. God, please guide me." Then I can call on others to act in faith with me.

I'm still learning about faith. But I've learned it's not faith if I ignore the issue at hand--it's fear.

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