Monday, October 10, 2011

Struggling with an if-then life (Philppians 4: 1-9)

It's common in community and as individuals to look at our lives and say, "If I can make this happen, if I can buy this, if I can get this job, if my spouse can do this, if my children can behave in this way, if the church got this kind of pastor, if the carpet was replaced, if we had this kind of musician, if (fill in the blank), THEN things will be good." Paul, even though he was a champion of the church, didn't see things that way. Even in the most unfavorable of conditions (like prison), Paul found his joy in the God who went the greatest of lengths (even to death) to love the people of the world. To ween ourselves off of the unsatisfying desperation of an if-then life, recognizing our connection to God is paramount. Worship, Bible study, and encouraging Christian friendships are essential.

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