Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Questions for Tired Congregations

What is the size of your congregation board/council/vestry?

How many standing committees does your congregation have?


Rarely can I get a congregational leader to give me an answer to the why question. If there is an answer, it comes in a tepid variation of "it gets members involved in the church." In this purpose vacuum, the involvement goal spawns deeper black holes of larger boards and more committees, and leaders lack the courage to get climb out of mere involvement.

Involvement is a weak goal at best. With mere involvement, the congregation ends up serving the bureaucracy rather than creating a leadership system that helps the congregation serve its purpose, to make disciples of Jesus.

People in congregations are tired--both pastors and members. If children of God are to participate in the ongoing creation in God's world, take them out of management business, and give them an opportunity to create.

Stop serving the bureaucracy. Serve God and neighbor instead. It's actually harder, but a lot more fun.

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