Friday, December 23, 2011

Words Of Dread: Let's Have A Meeting (an ode to the December schedule change)

On numerous occasions, people pity me as a pastor because I have so much work to do during Christmas and the holiday season.

Yes, I am busy (busy is a word I hate, but I'll play along). But most of the busy-ness is self-created in things I like doing in my own household and with extended family and friends, not because the church or congregation imposes more work on me in December. I've often contended that December is one of the easier months for serving the church. Why?

Unless a severe budget crisis looms in the congregation, people generally don't see the need to meet, at least not for the typical meeting. December can be a nice month in serving the church. In theory I can focus more on studying Bible texts and in prayer.

So the theory goes.

I've often contended that a pastor could actually work approximately a 40 hour week if it wasn't for the committee meetings (especially standing committees). Seth Godin reminded me today that one of two things should happen at a meeting--that I am ready to change or be ready to make a decision right there. Otherwise, the meeting is a waste of time.

My current congregation doesn't have any standing committees right now. If we ever have committees again, I like Godin's guidelines.

I know many of you have some frenzy in the next 24 hours, I invite you to consider from where the frenzy comes. Peace to you.

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