Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Go There (Psalm 139 & John 1:43-51)

It's common thinking for humans to perceive the absence of God in certain types of situations. First, in the midst of chaos. Genesis 1 suggests that God is not only present in chaos, but thrives and creates in it. The other situation is in the midst of isolation--in a place where no one else wants to go. Psalm 139 and John 1:43-51 depict miserable, isolated places. These places do not reflect the absence of God, but the lengths that God is willing to go to love.

In reflecting on the vast presence of God in the world, it may be intimidating or comforting, or both. The vast presence of God in these Bible passages also issue a calling, because if we are followers of Jesus the Christ, it means we are called into places that no one else may be willing to go. This is a scary proposition. However, if God does not abandon us, and goes to our own isolated places in life, then why be paralyzed by fear or worry?

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