Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Innovation of Laundry Baskets

As a pastor traveling in several different directions, carting kids to their activities, while facilitating and participating in church gatherings, it's challenging to get all of the materials together necessary to execute the day.

Bibles, prayer books, chicken tortilla soup, snacks for the kids, candles for worship, extra does one carry it all in a convenient, accessible place? Recently I realized that my large white laundry basket stuck out among my colleagues, friends and congregation members.

You mean not everyone is using a laundry basket to tote around their stuff?

Sterling plastic is not chic, nor does it elevate my status like a briefcase of fine Corinthian leather. But the basket is functional with its sturdy handles and (mostly) convenient size, fitting well in almost any vehicle. The multi-purpose laundry basket is the ingenuity of my mother-in-law. She didn't remember where she got the idea, but it's easy to tell where she is and where she's been if there's a laundry basket with anything that doesn't fit easily into her shoulder bag.

Now in the Seattle-Tacoma area, the presence of my household is marked by the presence of a laundry basket. We're ready to have fun, get to work, or connect with our friends. When we get home, we can pull out a load of whites and get folding.

I still have a hard time keeping the soup from spilling. Quite a mess on the ride home.

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