Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Can Christmas Be Saved? (Luke 2: 41-52)

How has Christmas turned out for you? Everything go as planned? Were there any problems?

The message through the airwaves for well over a month out of the year is "can Christmas be saved?" From where does this question come? The idea of saving Christmas shared on news channels isn't new. Think about any Christmas movie or children's special you've ever watched. Most of these plots are driven by the anxiety over whether Christmas can be saved. Santa hits a blizzard (at the North Pole? Shocking.). A family member is deployed overseas. Someone is disillusioned by commercialism.

It makes you wonder where Jesus is.

Such is the story of Jesus as a teenager in Luke chapter 2. Mary and Joseph have lost track of Jesus and struggle to find him. Both in our own lives (especially during the holidays) and even for the parents of Jesus, the presence of Christ is not reliant upon a human sense of control. Isn't that sense of control fleeting, anyway?

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