Thursday, December 19, 2013

Companions of the Suffering (Sermon audio based on Matthew 11: 2-11)

People look for the sacred in many places. Today we look in nature, in books, in relationships, possessions, and sometimes in faith communities. For those of Jewish ancestry, they are looking for the sacred in the Messiah. The one who will save.

John the Baptist wanted to know (from prison) if Jesus was the Messiah. As a good teacher, Jesus doesn't give a direct answer--he asks his followers to share with John what they have seen. The followers of Jesus see presence and healing among the suffering through the actions of Jesus.

For those of us looking for the holy, the sacred, the meaningful--if we believe Jesus as the embodiment of those things, then as followers of Jesus we would do well to walk with the suffering. In our companionship with the suffering, we may see God. Jesus did not dodge suffering, in caring for others, nor in his own life.

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