Monday, March 3, 2014

Heavy Lifting (Sermon Audio based on Exodus 24:12-18)

A child of the 1970s is probably acquainted with a particular use of the word "heavy." Heavy was associated with profound expression, likely with music, an idea, or depth of conversation.

This understanding of heavy can illuminate our understanding of the word "glory" that is used in Moses' encounter with God on a mountain over a 40-day period. The glory of God was seen and felt in view of the mountain as Moses shared with the Israelites the Law of God. The Hebrew word for "glory" is translated as "heavy," as in the weighty presence of God.

Can you think of instances in your life when you experienced the presence of God so profoundly that it was like the heaviness of gravity? Glory may not be so much about ecstasy, but profundity. Do you have stories from your life about the heaviness of God's presence?

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