Friday, June 6, 2014

Extended Hands of Humility (Sermon Audio from 1 Peter 4, 5)

Joel Casian / Stockvault

Humility is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp. If arrogance is the opposite of humility, the contrast reminds us we want to avoid arrogance. But we also admire self-confidence in people. How do we know when self-confidence drifts into arrogance? With humility, how much is the right amount? When there is no humility, there is arrogance. However, with too much humility, a person can become a doormat. The person who is too humble has their needs stepped on to the point where that person is buried.

Maybe humility is not so much defined as it is practiced. Communion is a great way to practice humility, and humility does indeed take practice. Communion is that place were we remember Christ's death and resurrection, and our hands are extended to participate.

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