Monday, June 23, 2014

Take To The Highway (Audio Based On Matthew 28:16-20)

In James Taylor's song "Country Road," he tells a story about his road to healing from depression after checking himself into a mental institution in 1965. The road is a place Taylor confronts the reality of his brokenness, yet the road also provides a path to renewal and a new purpose.

The Great Commission from Matthew 28 is a brief and inspiring speech from Jesus, telling his followers about their purpose. They are to go, baptize, make other followers of Jesus, and teach. The focus of this story is often on the inspiration--which is good, but not the entire story. Like James Taylor, the followers of Jesus are confronted with the reality of their brokenness. A friend of theirs committed suicide, some believe in Jesus' message, but others don't. Yet Jesus doesn't expect a perfectly organized group of people to begin the mission he gives. They are told to take to the highway, and that they (and you) are not alone. We do not have to confront the broken reality of our lives alone, nor do we have to let our brokenness stop the opportunity to use the gifts God gives us. What are you waiting for?

Take to the highway.

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