Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm Not Sure I'm Up To The Task (1 Kings 3: 4-28)

With age, comes wisdom. Or so the adage goes. But we probably all know people who have much age and experience, but have little wisdom.

Consider the wisdom of  King Solomon not so much as experience, but as a calling. The challenge with a calling is that you or I may not believe we are up to the task we are called to do. You may not believe you are called. But God has called you. With this call, God takes us where we have not considered going. God will prepare us for the task, even if we don't have the experience. Solomon did not have the leadership experience. Such is the wisdom of God. If you care about the task at hand and approach it with humility, you will become God's presence in that scenario. This is the lesson of King Solomon.

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