Thursday, March 19, 2020

A Renewed Writing Priority

Someone informed me I had not posted on my blog in awhile.

With COVID-19 on everyone's mind and physical and social contact at a premium, my writing has become a more needed skill. I am looking for both old and new methods to do my work as a pastor without meeting people face-to-face. About 18 years ago, I started started writing email devotions on a very large and slow computer from the prairies of South Dakota. At the time, the church thought it was risky to purchase such a machine. I'm not sure exactly how I convinced them, but they decided to spend the money. I recall prepping for sermons waiting through the crackles and pings (AOL, anyone?) of the dial-up connection. I was able to connect with more people and pass on a little grace with the help of that desktop behemoth. The church ended up being glad they invested in such a way.

This week I started writing daily email devotions, renewing a practice that had long gone dormant. I know at least a few people were reading the devotions. I would post it even if only 2 people were reading it; the exercise of putting it together is meaningful to me.

I recently learned that a member of my congregation was checking in with another member who does not have a computer or use email; she's reading the devotion to her friend in the evening. The discovery has simultaneously shaken me and given me stability. It is one of those bits of encouragement my wife and I need to keep in view. Melanie is contacting the pastors she mentors; we are both wading through rivers where we do not know the depth or speed of current. These moments remind us where we anchor our perspective. Maybe we will find some balance, together.

Write on.

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