Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Come to church Sunday, September 19th, for a chance to win a Dashboard Jesus

If you're wondering about the sermon title: Dashboard Jesus, we will be talking about the symbols of our lives and their meaning, while examining Israel and the meaning behind "The Ark of the Covenant" in the Old Testament. Our primary Bible reading comes from the Old Testament book of Numbers 10: 29-36. One adult and one child will have an opportunity to win a Dashboard Jesus at each service.

I apologize that I will be giving away "stuff," but the Dashboard Jesus will be an important symbol to discuss and ponder this Sunday.


  1. LOL! But seriously, I think I would prefer the Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figure!!!

  2. A Jesus action figure might be more appropriate in certain circumstances--but you will see why a Dashboard Jesus is a better fit on Sunday.

  3. Dashboard Jesus vs. Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figure . . . survival of the "fit"test? EPIC!!! Can hardly wait for Sunday!