Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looking for a twit (or is it a tweet?)

After beginning work on this blog, a few people asked me on the Church Council asked me if I was going to be using Twitter as well. I said I didn't know. Is it a good investment of my time? Will it make a difference in people connecting with God and with one another? Will Twitter further the mission of First Lutheran Community Church?

After reading Seth Godin's blog entry today, I thought about how the Church has gotten out of public discourse because it is too slow to change and meet people where they are--and therefore is failing to meet it's mission of changing the world and proclaiming God's love and mercy because it is failing to meet people where they are. Jesus met people where they are. Public discourse is on the social networking sites, so I will be communicating via Twitter. Follow my twitter page here. I'm curious about how many ELCA Lutheran leaders are using social networking sites. I could be wrong--there could be THOUSANDS.

The people of God need to be in public discourse about the Christian life.


  1. It is a tweet and you have your tweets padlocked so it is going to be really difficult to follow you.

    Your blog will be sufficient however...........


    William F. Stratton, FLCC Member

  2. Whoops, that was me....i am a "follower" now.


    I have a video camera, pretty basic but I can put it on semi-permanent loan if you want to give it a try.

  3. I find Twitter to be useful for exchange of ideas when used as a "mini-blog." Followers need to be followed so there is an easy exchange.

    Facebook is more useful for conveying your status/location/mood/etc. and as a "social networking" tool.

  4. To respond to your question, no Tweeting for me, but Facebooking nearly every day.