Monday, September 7, 2009

Half-marathon completed today

Thanks for the encouragement and prayers for this morning's half-marathon in Woodinville. In the past I have hit shorter races, like 5ks. I wanted to challenge myself--and today was a huge challenge. I was pretty pokey and didn't really prepare myself for the hills. I hit a "wall" at about mile 10, but I was still able to finish. For me, this is an accomplishment. I'm not in a rush to do another race of this length, but I will probably do another one. I'd like to move up to a marathon, but I'm not sure if I can make the time commitment at this point. Even the 2 hour runs I needed to train for this race are sometimes hard to carve out of a day.

I love the race atmosphere and having a goal to push my training. I found it was a little harder to train for this than a 5-mile race I did on St. Patrick's Day, especially as my wife and I try to figure out our schedules. Maybe I can find a short race in November or December so I can train better during the holiday season...

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