Sunday, September 6, 2009

Influential to sermon from Ecclesiastes

As I was preparing for the Sunday's sermon, I found a great old sermon from the 1950's by theologian Paul Tillich that addressed how God breaks into human timing through Jesus Christ. I hung on that theme, because I am often leery of how natural disasters are often conveniently attributed to God's judgment in order to serve their own ideas. I believe God using weather is possible, as God is free to do so. However, I believe that we can be much more sure of God breaking into the world through Jesus, because that is something we can hold on to with confidence.

I believe that FLCC has some great opportunities to grow in its faithfulness in service during this interim time, thanks for joining me in this exploration.


  1. Thank you for the wise sermon today Pastor Joe! From where I sit you were able to place our church's current situation within a very important and necessary theological and biblical context. We often forget when faced with change that Jesus goes through such change with us, without fear, urging us on and at the same time allowing us to stop and reflect. I very much look forward to the following sermons in this series. Welcome to First Lutheran!

  2. Welcome to FLCC, Pastor Joe. I enjoyed today's message...very applicable and relevant. It sounds like we are lucky to have you lead us through this change. Thanks!
    Sheilagh Flanagan-Di Cicco