Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Ministry Saturday

My Sabbath configuration last week afforded me the opportunity to attend both the Seattle Mariners' Friday night thriller and the Washington Huskies' upset for the ages. I was blessed to have that opportunity for some fun and connection with family and friends--it was also about one of the best sports weekends in my life.

This weekend offers a different kind of connection--one that involves more work, yet still blessed. To offer encouragement to a new ministry at FLCC is part of why I serve. People at FLCC have tapped into their interests and passions and used their gifts to reach others in the Animal Fair and Blessing this morning at FLCC (930 am-1230pm). I appreciate that the ministry of this congregation still moves forward without a long standing senior pastor. FLCC will be a congregation looking for a partner in ministry, not merely a starter of ministry.

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  1. We need a leader who is willing to follow, followers willing to lead.