Monday, September 28, 2009

Worship and sermon happenings in the month of October

I wanted to pass on some worship highlights for the month of October--since we're almost there:

October 4:
Final sermon of the "Sound Transitions" series: "What You Discover In The End."
Focus text: Jeremiah 3: 15-18

October 11:
Hear personal stories--experiences with God and one another-- from the high school youth from their summer trip to Montana.

October 18:
Pastor Orv Jacobson preaches

October 25:
Reformation Sunday & Confirmation Sunday
New Sermon Series Begins and continues through November 22 (theme pending)

November 25-December 27
Sermon Series (theme pending)


  1. We just discussed John 4:19-26 in Adult Sunday School. Seems to line up pretty well with your readings too.

  2. Clarification: I mean your readings for next Sunday, Oct. 4.