Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Different Saturday Night

Tonight is my first night I haven't prepared spiritually, mentally and physically to preach in five weeks. Every congregation involves different preaching preparation. With such a great staff and volunteers at FLCC, the focus on preaching becomes intense, which is multiplied by three services and significant heat under the sanctuary stage lights. I have been energized by the interaction during the sermon with the congregation--it feels almost like a roller coaster combined with a workout. I ride home thankful, still buzzing a little bit from a day of worship, yet ready to physically crash at anytime I get horizontal.

Tomorrow is a special day, but a different day. We get to hear more stories from people's lives who have been touched by God--the youth who traveled to Montana this summer will share their experiences, fellowship and spiritual growth. I also get to hear Pastor Orv preach for my first time at the 8am service.

It's a good thing I get to do something different Sunday--watching the Husky game tonight was a workout in itself!

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