Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stories of God's activity flowing in the community

For some reason the term "Lutheran testimonial" is an oxymoron. I'm not sure whether sharing one's own story about God's experienced activity is a fearful thought because it can involve public speaking, or that an experience is somehow invalid, or that it doesn't culturally fit for one reason or another. If we don't look for or recognize God's activity, it's easy to become self-absorbed.

I believe that God's activity is recognized among at First Lutheran Community Church, but I don't see that recognition formulated into stories. These stories of God's activity in our lives and the life of the congregation are not only powerful, but they are encouraging. These stories of God working through each one of us help us see what is possible outside our own limited experience and help us see that God is calling us to new possibilities.

Beginning October 25th, you will have a better idea of only a few of the stories of God's activity in our shared lives. People like you who have experienced a call to serve and connected with God and others. If you are not in worship October 25th, November 1st and 8th, you will be able to view these stories on the web. Last night I heard stories about God's work through FLCC and its people and was encouraged in my own faith and thankful that I serve in this mission outpost in Port Orchard. Share the stories!

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