Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Believe in the Freedom of Music (on the big screen): My Life with Rush

Say the name "Rush," and that four-letter name inspires millions of people. Not the radio commentator for me. I like the power trio from Toronto. I've been listening to Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart at least as long as I've been listening to Lutheran liturgy and hymns, and far longer than any other kind of music I've heard in church. Their music has baffled, inspired and provoked me over three decades. Their work makes me think, ponder, and reflect. For many days over three decades, a Rush song provided the rhythm sequence, guitar riff, or crafted bass rumbling to establish a soundtrack for the day or give me some cathartic moments during a time of frustration. I know there is music in this world that is considered more holy, more critically acclaimed, or more artistic, but no other music in my lifetime has had the reach of Rush.

Rush comes to the Seattle Metro on August 7, and a documentary about their history will be released soon. Thank God for music. Life would be broken, sour and dull without it.

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