Monday, May 3, 2010

Renegotiating my projects

David Allen serves as the the closest link to link for me to live an organized life. In his book "Getting Things Done" Allen writes about giving yourself the ability to renegotiate terms of your list to get things done. "40 Day Journey with Martin Luther" sat on my desk since the middle of January with the hope of completing the reading and journal entries as blog post for my Lenten discipline. I think I completed 11 days of the 40-day journey. Having judged the book by its cover, I was looking for some other Luther writings for reflection. It was the Luther's Small Catechism with some more complicated reflections--not a bad thing--but not what I was looking for.

It's time to renegotiate.

Rather than have this book sit on my desk cluttering my thoughts with the pain of an unreached goal, I'm proclaiming an ending to the relationship with the book. Renegotiation brings liberation. Luther died a long time ago, he won't mind that I decided not to read this version of the catechism.

More renegotiation sits on the horizon in order that I can focus on different projects and actions. I remember the days when piles of unfinished projects used to paralyze me. Not that the paralysis never occurs anymore, now I know what to do. I don't know if there's anything explicitly theological about this thought process, which is okay.

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