Thursday, May 24, 2012

iPad Confessional and Reading Guilt

My reading life has been sacrificed at the altar of my iPad.

This glowing tablet of fingertip world hopping lured me in with its pretty colors and promises of a streamlined existence. My first hope with my iPad? Book storage.

I've moved so many times in interim ministry and worked out of an auto office that my books with real paper hurl insults at me. Yes, we must be moved again. You are a real spinal saboteur.

The iPad showed such promise--a place to store books! I used to lug cavernous containers, anything that could hold 10+ books. Laundry baskets, Rubbermaid bins, large duffles with industrial strength shoulder straps. I almost ran out of ideas, when I remembered Professor Paul Sponheim from Luther Seminary used to wheel his books (20-30 at a time) around on a hand truck. My frayed rotator cuffs found this prospect intriguing, but the iPad? Genius.

A little over a year into iPad ownership, I confess that most of my reading involves blogs and news feeds, with the occasional foray into digital editions of The Economist, The Week, NY Times, and Newsweek. I have approximately 30 e-books I have barely touched. Too often I would rather play Ticket to Ride than read. I don't know if it's because I'm too tired to screen read, or that screen reading is a different mental process.

Regardless of biology, something must change. First comes the purging of the games.

We'll see what happens next.

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