Friday, May 18, 2012

Suspicious of the Balanced Life

I don't live a balanced life. The prevailing public discourse tells me this is a bad thing.

Find a balance, I am told.

But what is "balance"? Is it even possible? Who sets the calibration numbers for balance?

Like a lot of things, balance has become a product sold in the marketplace. If I don't have a particular product, then I should be anxious, so the marketplace tells me. I don't need another missing product in my life to stir anxiety in me. I am adept at reacting to artificial needs without someone telling me I need balance.

Maybe the best way to achieve this nebulous "balance," is not attempt to achieve balance at all.

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  1. Thank you for saying this, Joe. I think this balanced life advice is really just a way for neurotic people to tell themselves they are doing something about their lives without actually letting go of their neuroses.

  2. Thanks, Joe! I know a person who is a life coach. I'd much rather have a mentor. And a therapist.