Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Are You Afraid Of (Romans 8: 12-17)?

Paul, one of the most prominent missionaries recorded in the Bible, recognized that the greatest barrier to mission was fear. Though many years have passed since the days of Paul, fear is still the greatest barrier. Some say it's money, some say it's culture, but it's fear.

Fear triggers come from a variety of places. Fear is not something that God gives. It doesn't mean the fears are not real, but we can name them and hand those fears over to God. Paul writes that we have been given a spirit of adoption, and not of fear. In adoption, we are given the all of the privileges as one who is born to that parent. Often we are taught to fear the other, but God gives us the same spirit to connect with others as we have been welcomed into a relationship with God--through adoption in Christ.

Name your fears, so that you may fully live out the adoption in which God welcomes you given to you in Jesus.

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  1. I would add a lack of vision to fear. For a lot of people, the way missions get done don't make sense to them or work for them. They lack a vision for how to do it in a way that is both faithful and authentic to who they are and who they know Jesus to be. It's hard to create your own vision.