Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baptism and Portable Promises (sermon audio--Luke 3: 15-22)

Sometimes through architecture, design, and staging, the church communicates that the only place to encounter God is in church. Whereas a faith community, strong congregational relationships, and regular worship are vital to a vibrant faith, the promises of God don't remain in the church when you leave. The promises of God go with you wherever you go.

Jesus was baptized not so that he could have a special day for a party. In the baptism of Jesus (and your baptism) he was prepared for a life of mission--teaching, healing the sick, and challenging political and religious powers of the day. That life of mission led him to his unjust death. But it is in that death and resurrection that we can know that not even death will stand in the way of God's promise that you are always loved.

P.S. God's promises are portable, a lot like the wheels on the baptismal font at St. John's...

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