Monday, October 31, 2016

Ch-ch-ch-changes...who transforms in #GreatPumpkinCharlieBrown?

One of my collegiate writing teachers in fiction, Roger Sheffer, reminded his students that someone in the piece needs to change in plot development, or it's not really a story. Without change, the piece is  a snapshot or a vignette. Does anyone in #GreatPumpkinCharlieBrown change? Many would think the story is about Linus Van Pelt and his belief system of The Great Pumpkin. Does Linus change? Linus actually spews much dogma:

1. Each year The Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch...
2. I thought little girls were innocent and trusting...
3. [The Great Pumpkin] respects sincerity...

Linus eschews relationships to proclaim his dogma. He does not really want relationships, he wants people to affirm and/or follow his belief system.

Sally Brown is love-seeking, judicially aware, vulnerable, passionately principled, open about her regrets, takes ownership of her folly, and appears willing to learn. Sally Brown is a changed young woman, and will be no caricature of a smitten girl, overcoming early indicators.

Sally Brown is more than a patriarchy smasher. Sally demands more of love than cuteness, intelligence, or even sincerity. Sally wants to be heard.

The Peanuts #HappyHallowThanksmas Power Rankings for October 31, 2016:

1. Sally Brown (last ranking, #4; trending up)

Sally Brown wants empathy, Linus won't give it. She has the strength to turn her back and begin to claim her own identity.

2. Vince Guaraldi (last ranking, #2; trending even)

Mr. Guaraldi, you died too soon. Heartbreaking.

3. Charlie Brown (last ranking, NR; trending up)

The World War I lessons are overlooked; Charlie Brown delivers lessons without pretension. Can you imagine what these lessons would sound like if Linus or Lucy delivered them? Unbearable! 

4. Snoopy (last ranking, #1; trending down)

Still the class canine of animation. But when does he make mistakes? What is he hiding?

5. Schroeder (last ranking, NR; trending up)

A small part in this show, but shows his ability as an accompanist, helping Snoopy process his military experience.

Dropped from Rankings: Lucy Van Pelt (her cruelty and violence are difficult to overlook), Chalons Sur Marnes.

Also receiving votes: Pumpkin carols, Pont a Mousson, Lucy Van Pelt, Lucy's Mouth, Pigpen, low brick walls, The 20th Century, the gigantic red sun.

Post script: Power Rankings will continue periodically through Twelfth Night, January 5th, 2017. However, the next rankings will shift to #CharlieBrownThanksgiving in the #HappyHallowThanksmas Peanuts cycle. Consideration will be given to the first two shows in the holiday trilogy.

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