Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Could a Double Concussion be the Root of Linus Halloween Issues?

I've been tough on Linus Van Pelt the past few years. I used to enjoy his pontifications and curiosities, rising above his insecurities and attachment to his woobie. But his questionable theology invested in dichotomous squash and the word if, and his antiquated views of women have soured my thoughts about Linus. Upon closer examination, I wonder if some of his issues are concussion related. At the beginning of #GreatPumpkinCharlieBrown, Linus is caught up in the roll of a large pumpkin, and toward the end of the show, when Linus thinks he witnesses the ascent of The Great Pumpkin, he faints, hitting his head on the hard ground. Double concussion? Hmm.

Maybe Linus may get some consideration in future rankings.

The Peanuts HappyHallowThanksmas Power Rankings for October 26, 2016

1. Snoopy (last ranking, #1)

How did all those bullets fly by, and only his plane got hit?

2. Vince Guaraldi (last ranking, #2)

Ron Burgundy aspires to that level of jazz flute.

3. Sally Brown (last ranking, #4)

Smashing the Patriarchy, one holiday at time.

4. Lucy Van Pelt (last ranking, #3)

Bad: Eldest child control-freak. Good: In the end, compassionate to her brother when he's outside, freezing his tuchas off.

5. Chalons Sur Marnes (last ranking, NR)

Best color palette in #HappyHallowThanksmas

Also receiving votes: If, Souza marches, Tricks or Treats, Jazz Flute, poison dog germs, concussions.

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